We need donations to continue helping the LGBTQI+ Refugee Community in Kenya. Please consider joining our cause by donating through one of the following options.

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Since 2016, the Community Support Initiative for Refugees (CoSIR Kenya) has been advocating for the rights and dignity of LGBTIQ+ refugees in Nairobi, Kenya at the grassroots level. Through our emergency shelter housing program, we have and continue to  provide emergency shelter to exceptionally vulnerable members of the LGBTIQ+ urban refugee community . In addition, through skills training and livelihood initiatives that we run as CoSIR and in conjunction with our partners, we have and will continue to enable this community to become more self-reliant. In this effort we are guided buy our core values

o Everyone deserves to live a pleasant and pain-free life.
o Human rights and equality must be upheld at all times.
o Dignity matters most

We could not have accomplished so much without your help, and as such we will be eternally thankful to all who have and continue to support us.

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