Community Support Initiative for Refugees (CoSIR) is a registered non-profit serving LGBTQI refugees who live in Nairobi. CoSIR was founded following UNHCR’s notice to cease financial assistance to LGBTQI refugees in Nairobi in December 2016. This left urgent gaps in care for an especially vulnerable population. 

Our Vision

CoSIR envisions a safe and stigma-free community for all refugees to thrive.

Our Mission

To serve and enhance the quality of life for all LGBTQI refugees through sex education, health care awareness, economic empowerment, and positive social change.

Our Objectives


To secure emergency shelter and communal safe housing facilities to accommodate and provide basic support for vulnerable LGBTQI refugees/asylum seekers who are victims or at risk of gender-based violence.


To provide health and general peer education to refugees on how to live healthy lives. We share accurate, reliable information about HIV/AIDs, STIs, general sexual health, gender-based violence, and mental health. We also provide counselling and treatment as specific situations arise.


To facilitate LGBTQI refugees’ economic empowerment, we provide financial literacy training, hands-on skills, job placements, table banking, loaning schemes, and other safe income-generating activities. These activities help refugees achieve self-sufficiency.

Human Rights

To advocate for LGBTQI refugees and asylum-seekers. We ensure that their voices are included, and their human rights respected, in communities where their struggles intersect. We also offer paralegal and prison support for all affected by discrimination.

Our Values

Transparency and Accountability

To be open and take responsibility for our group’s affairs. We aim to make it easy for all stakeholders to understand our processes and activities.

Honesty and Integrity

To deliver all services fairly and conduct all activities with the highest professional standards.


To create a climate of trust and respect that empowers the staff to reach their full potential by encouraging excellence, innovation, and shared ideas.


To offer equal opportunities for all, within and outside the organization.

Innovation and Creativity

To cope with constant change by fostering a creative, innovative culture among staff and the local community. 

Quality Service Delivery

To provide high-quality, sustainable services that are timely and affordable.

Commitment to Duty

To display commitment in whatever we do.


To show steady effort and concern for the community.

Areas of Intervention and Priority Programs

Shelter and Safe Housing

Safe and Sustainable Livelihoods

Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

Advocacy, Awareness, and Sensitization