CoSIR works with several local and international non-profits to amplify our mission.

  • Develop a shared vision with specific aims and objectives. 
  • Engage a wider range of people and organizations in making key decisions.
  • Improve communication between organizations to share resources such as funding.
  • Learn from different organizational cultures and share best practices.

Our Partner Organizations

From time to time, CoSIR partners with refugee organizations to provide urgent services to LGBTQI refugees in Nairobi, Kenya. Our partnerships with the nonprofits below enable us to provide a range of services for vulnerable refugees: 


We partner with NGLHRC to provide legal services, including legal information and training skills, to our LGBTQI refugee community in Nairobi.


CoSIR partners with CESSO in providing skills and empowerment to our community.


Since 2017, we have partnered with HOYMAS to provide sexual and reproductive healthcare services. HOYMAS also has been our fiscal host since 2017.



We have received donations from multiple organization to help with our efforts. These include:

  • Refugee Issue Point
  • Digital Defenders Partnership
Amnesty International
OSIEA - The Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa
Frontline AIDS
Frontline Defenders
Hivos people unlimited
Out in Tech
Planet Romeo Foundation
Safeplace International
XminY (Hetactiefonds)
Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration - ORAM
HIAS Refugee Trust Kenya - Welcome the stranger. Protect the refugee.
CWS - Church World Service